Chi Gong

Chi Gong

Moving into connection

What is Chi Gong?

Chi Gong and Tai Chi are ancient forms of Chinese exercise which have been practised for hundreds of years. The soft yet strong, flowing movements, combined with meditative breathing & mind focus, help to develop a deep sense of connection within our bodies and minds. Through regular practice, this can develop a strong and flexible body and a calm and quiet mind.

In Chi Gong we especially focus more on the internal flow of Chi (inner life force energy). You can think of it as a moving meditation.

About Sophie your instructor

Sophie Fagan is a Chi Gong and Tai Chi instructor from the UK now based in Amsterdam. Having trained and taught at Tai Chi schools in Bristol UK as well as deepening her training at The Wudang Gong Fu Academy in China. This range of experience and inspiration has fuelled the enthusiasm and knowledge inherent in her teaching.

Currently Sophie offers Chi Gong and Tai Chi sessions on a 1-1 basis or for group workshops and for businesses on request.

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Sophie Fagan

Holistic Massage Therapist

“Take the weight off your body and mind”

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